Section Materials for English 150, Fall 2013:
Anglo-Irish Literature

Section guidelines. Covers general guidelines for participating in course; explains basic expectations; explains basis for course grade.

Twitter stream for the course. Contains reminders about upcoming events, links to articles and other content about related topics, and pointers to electronic copies of documents distributed in lecture. Don't want to sign up for Twitter? You can always pop back by this page to check for updates.

Recitation assignment requirements, explaining how this portion of your grade is calculated.

Grading rubric (for analytical papers). Explains how I will assign a grade to your final paper.

Sample MLA-compliant paper. A sample paper that is formatted correctly according to the MLA guidelines, with notes on areas in which students often make errors.

How your grade is calculated (in excruciating detail). An attempt to exhaustively describe how I assign your final grade at the end of the quarter, to the greatest extent possible.

Oct 17 vocabulary quiz on John Synge's The Playboy of the Western World, with answers and notes on usage of the words in question.

Steve Pokornowski's midterm review. TA Steve Pokornowski developed this helpful review sheet for his sections, and has generously agreed to share it with other sections, as well.

Chris Walker's guest lecture slide show on Waiting for Godot. Chris has generously agreed to make his slide show available to students for review purposes.

Group-generated midterm review guide. Based on notes provided by TA Christopher Walker and the 29 October optional review session,

Pre-1971 British and Irish currency. Explains the currency system in use in Britain and Ireland prior to the decimalization of 1971. Helpful for interpreting monetary amounts in Ulysses (and other works), I hope.

Poems for Recitation on 27 November and 4 December. This short collection of poems from more contemporary Irish authors contains poems that will be recited during our last two section meetings. You should consider it required reading for those meetings; it is also quite short and contains some very enjoyable poetry.

Research resources. These should be useful resources for those interested in plunging deeper into issues raised in class, and may be useful in preparing for your research paper. (They should also be generally useful resources for scholarly research in the humanities.) You may find it helpful to log into the UCSB Library Proxy Server before clicking on the following links:

Section Discussion Notes

These notes are not a substitute for coming to section, but do contain major announcements and the discussion questions (if any) for that week's section. They are presented in the hope that they will be helpful, but with the disclaimer that much more happens in section than is reflected here. I generally post section discussion notes one or two days after the section they describe.

You might note that discussion notes often contain more things than we can actually discuss during the course of the fifty minutes that we have together during each week. Alas, there's always more worth talking about (and always more about which I'm ready to talk in detail) than we actually have time to discuss.

Selected Musical Performances

Student Presentation Notes