English 150 Recitation Lesson Plan: The Butcher Boy

Rose Fliegel
English 150
Wednesday 20 November 2013, 5 p.m. section

I am going to recite the 12 lines of the Butcher Boy song on page 20. I am working on a close reading of the song specifically and I will talk about the imagery, the context in which the song appears and how it affects Francie at different points in the book. I will center my discussion on Francie's mother — her struggle with depression, an alcoholic husband, and her decision to take her own life when Francie runs away. I will make the comparison between her and Mrs. Nugent as well as mothers in the other pieces we've read such as Playboy of the Western World and what there roles play. I want to make connections with the ideas of gender roles that we've discussed as well as Irish stereotypes.