English 150 Recitation Lesson Plan: The Butcher Boy

Jaime Gonzalez
English 150
Wednesday 20 November 2013, 6 p.m. section

I am going to go with your suggestion and recite the opening of the book, the first three paragraphs. I want to open with a bit of background information on the novel and then go straight into the recitation. I will then go into how the first three paragraphs give insight to who Francie is, as well as Mrs. Nugent. After speaking on both characters for a couple minutes I want to focus on how the opening lines demonstrate the "voice" of Francie and how that affects the way the novel is read. I still do not know exactly what my key points will be, but some will be the fact that it is written in a stream of conscious style; the book shows the psychological problems that Francie is facing because his father is a drunk and his mother is abused; the language used throughout the entire text can be consider more of a "street talk" than any other form of language.