Poem Recitation Outline: W.B. Yeats's The Stare's Nest By My Window

Raul Guerrero
English 150
Wednesday 16 October 2013, 6 p.m. section

I will of course begin my recitation by introducing myself, the title of the poem and its setting. I will recite the poem and then provide my analysis of it. I will point out the fact that I did get a little help from my classmates and online readers since it was a bit difficult to interpret the meaning of it on my own. I will point out some of the lines I found the most interesting or meaningful and ask for the class's thoughts on it. For example:

As mentioned before, the poem takes place during the times of the civil war in Ireland. The poem makes its first reference to the war when it says The mother birds bring grubs and flies. According to one online reader, Yeats is referring to the idea that bugs and flies are unpleasant but shows how nature can turn ugliness into nourishment and hopes that nature will do the same for Ireland after the civil war. At first I saw more beauty in the mother birds feeding their young, but this interpretation does make sense. Did you all read this line the same way this online reader did? If so, how did you make this connection? If not what do you think he means in this line?

I will just be pointing out lines likes this and asking questions throughout my entire presentation. My next point will be that the entire first stanza makes references to his home falling apart which represents Ireland being destroyed by the war. I'll be asking the class for their thoughts on that.

I interpret the second stanza as Yeats feeling trapped and confused in his house. He hears about all the destruction that is going on in other parts but he doesn't know whether or not this is all true as stated in the line that says, yet there is not fact to be discerned. I will define the word discerned to the class since a few people may not know what it means and it's important to know in order to understand that stanza.

I am hoping to be able to memorize the entire third stanza in order to make the most of my presentation. This stanza is a little more straightforward when talking about the war. Once I memorize it I will present my interpretation and ask a similar question as those mentioned above.