Lesson Plan for Week 7: General Thoughts and Notes

Patrick Mooney, TA
Eng 150, Prof. Duffy
6 November 2013

Major topics:

  1. Thought for the day:

    There has never been a document of culture, which is not simultaneously one of barbarism.

    — Walter Benjamin, On the Concept of History, section VII, tr. Dennis Redmond

  2. Administrative Issues:
    1. Attendance.
    2. More administrative issues after presentations.
    3. Assignment: Professor Duffy has said that he wants a short description of your intended final project to me by the time lecture starts on Tuesday 12 November. Please remember to send me at least a paragraph by email by this time. You may not have a fully developed idea yet, but the more specific you're able to be, the more helpful my feedback will be.
  3. Recitations this week:
  4. Other points for discussion: