Lesson Plan for Week 5: General Thoughts and Notes

Patrick Mooney, TA
Eng 150, Prof. Duffy
23 October 2013

Major topics:

  1. Thought for the day:

    There are in fact no masses; there are only ways of seeing people as masses.

    —Raymond Williams, Culture and Society

  2. Administrative Issues:
    1. Attendance.
    2. Tonight at 11:45 is the last chance to drop classes without a petition.
    3. Other administrative issues?
    4. I've caught up on posting links to the section Twitter stream -- including links to songs and other texts mentioned by Professor Duffy in lecture.
    5. For next week: Think about what you think is likely to be on the midterm, and bring in several ideas for review.
  3. Recitations this week:
  4. Other points for discussion, depending on time: