Course Materials for English 133TL, Winter 2012

Transpacific Literature

Group-generated final study guide. Based on discussion in week 10 and supplemented by my own notes from Professor Huang's summary lecture. Neither authoritative nor complete, but hopefully helpful.

Sample MLA-style paper. One of my own undergraduate papers (which I used simply because I already own the copyright to it), marked up with comments indicating areas in which many students have trouble complying with the MLA standard.

Grading rubric. Explains how I grade papers. Very detailed.

Discussion section guidelines. Covers general guidelines for participating in discussion sections; explains basic expectations; explains basis for course grade.

Twitter stream for the course. Contains reminders about upcoming events, links to articles and other content about related topics, and pointers to electronic copies of documents distributed in section. Don't want to sign up for Twitter? Add this RSS feed to Google Reader, My Yahoo!, or your favorite feed reader/aggregator, and keep up with the course announcements using services you already use.

U-Storage problem reporting form. If the pages on this course site refuse to appear, or look funny, you should let the U-Storage/U-Mail people know that you are affected by a recurring problem producing internal server errors when serving web pages hosted on U-Storage sites. I've reported this problem already, but it seems not to have been resolved. Maybe if more people report that it affects them, they'll see it as a higher priority.

Section Discussion Notes

These notes are not a substitute for coming to section, but do contain major announcements and the discussion questions (if any) for that week's section. They are presented in the hope that they will be helpful, but with the disclaimer that much more happens in section than is reflected here.