Sarah Palin Quote, or Random Algorithmic Gibberish?

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There's a 50% chance that Sarah Palin said the quote below, and a 50% chance it was generated by my Markov chain–based random text generator. Can you tell which it is?

That does not bode well for the GOP. And that's gotta change. We have protected our state sovereignty by taking on the big oil industry interests, making sure that there is not going to be any undue influence on the oil industry, that our state administration and our state lawmakers will be making the decisions we will be making… based on sound, solid, unbiased information, not being corrupted by, in the case that I'm speaking of now, [an] oil service company's undue influence that has corrupted some lawmakers. We have set in place ethics laws, overseeing agencies and offices to make sure that never happens again in Alaska. So that's something we're very proud of.

Who said it?

 An algorithm
 Sarah Palin