Sarah Palin Quote, or Random Algorithmic Gibberish?

This quiz has been taken 703 times; users have correctly identified the source of quotes 49.50 % of the time. More stats.

There's a 50% chance that Sarah Palin said the quote below, and a 50% chance it was generated by my Markov chain–based random text generator. Can you tell which it is?

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/public//~patrick/projects/sarah-palin/index.cgi", line 121, in the_quote = genny.gen_text(sentences_desired=num_sentences, paragraph_break_probability=0) File "/home/public/~patrick/projects/sarah-palin/", line 529, in gen_text return '\n'.join(self._produce_text(sentences_desired, paragraph_break_probability)) File "/home/public/~patrick/projects/sarah-palin/", line 515, in _produce_text the_text = the_text + self._gen_sentence() File "/home/public/~patrick/projects/sarah-palin/", line 471, in _gen_sentence assert self.is_trained(), "ERROR: the model %s needs to be trained before it can generate text!" % self AssertionError: ERROR: the model < class , named "SarahPalinBot", UNTRAINED > needs to be trained before it can generate text!