Privacy Policy for Sarah Palin Algorithmic Gibberish

tl;dr: This quiz collects several types of data, but none that can identify you personally. Some of this data is publicly visible, and I provide links to it so that you can see what the data looks like and be certain that I am not building a private data hoard from this quiz.

In more detail

Here are the kinds of data that this quiz collects:

  1. Like many other pages on this website, this quiz uses Google Analytics to collect data about visitors. This data includes such things as what operating system you use, what country you are visiting from, and other data that is only available in aggregate and which cannot be tied to you personally.
  2. The quiz itself collects aggregate data about quiz answers: how many questions of each type have been asked and how many of those were correct.
    • The amount of information collected by this site in this category is incredibly small: as of this writing (29 January 2016), it occupies only 68 bytes, total, in aggregate for all people taking the quiz, and that includes text labels for the data. For this aggregate data to grow even to 100 bytes, every person on earth would have to take this quiz a thousand million million million times.
      • If you'd like, you can directly see this data here.
    • It does not tie any answers to you personally, nor does it collect enough data that answers can later be tied back to data that is collected from other sources.
  3. If you arrive at this quiz via its short URL, then the short URL service collects some data about your use of that URL.
    • You can read's ethics policy (it's better than any other I've seen) if you'd like.
    • If you'd like, you can see the aggregate data that has collected for the quiz here.

What this data is used for

Your rights