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I'm Patrick Mooney, a graduate student in the M.A./Ph.D. program offered by the English department at UC Santa Barbara. I'm broadly interested in modernism, including broad social changes throughout the 19th century and the way that the later 20th century responds to later socioeconomic changes in the postmodernist movement. I'm a materialist critic and theorist with an interest in mythology and other broadly constructive systems; in epistemological questions, especially relating to identity; in sex and sexuality; in technology; and in Utopian literature and science fiction.

I did the first half of my undergraduate work at Southwestern Oregon Community College, graduating valedictorian and Phi Theta Kappa, with several awards from various departments. I did the second half of my undergraduate work at UC Berkeley, graduating with a B.A. in English literature after spending a semester at the Universität Bayreuth in Germany and writing a bachelor's thesis on Oscar Wilde. In June 2011, I passed my oral qualifying exams, the last requirement for my M.A. in English at UCSB, and will begin working toward my Ph.D. at UCSB in the fall of 2011.

You can see a fairly recent CV, if you'd like.

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