English 65LP/Theater 94: Experiencing Shakespeare, Summer 2016

Section Guidelines. Covers general guidelines for participating in section.

Grading Rubric for Major Assignments. Detailed explanation of grading criteria for papers.

GauchoSpace course presence. Assignments, responses, and other resources are available here.

My own notes: These are often rather cursory, and we often wind up talking about other things when we all get into the same room; I prefer to let you pursue your own literary, theoretical, and practical interests when possible. These notes are just what I've prepped ahead of time, presented with the provisio that they are incomplete and in the hope that they are still helpful.

  1. Section notes from 3 August
  2. Section notes from 09 August / 10 August
  3. Section notes from 16 August / 17 August
  4. Section notes from 24 August / 25 August
  5. Section notes from 30 August / 31 August
  6. Section notes from 6 September