Extra-Credit Opportunities
For English 10

Teaching Assistant: Patrick Mooney
English 10
Summer 2015

There are several opportunities to receive extra credit during English 10; they are listed below. (This list will change periodically as new opportunities become available. If this happens, I will announce new opportunities both on the course Twitter stream and in class.)

There are two important caveats for extra credit that you should be aware of:

  1. No matter how many of these projects you engage in, you cannot receive a total extra credit bonus of more than 5% to your overall term grade during the quarter.
  2. Extra credit cannot lift your overall grade for the quarter into the A+ range. You can only get into the A+ range naturally, i.e. by performing very very well throughout the quarter.

List of opportunities

If you have other suggestions for extra-credit opportunities, I want to hear them! I will consider all reasonable suggestions that (a) have a legitimate educational goal, and (b) are not merely attempts to get credit for something that you're already going to do anyway. If you propose an idea that I accept, I will add it to this page so that everyone can benefit from the opportunity.