About Libido Mechanica

Libido Mechanica is an unsupervised blog containing machine-generated love poetry. It is in many ways similar to my other automated text projects.

If you'd like, you can see the current list of poems that the blog-writing script currently knows about here. Contributions of other love poetry (broadly understood) are most welcome; they will never be republished, but only used as the basis for future text generation. (Send along a plain-text version of whatever you think belongs in here, and if I agree, I'll drop it into the training corpus. Original, previously unpublished, or very-difficult-for-others-to-obtain work is not, however, currently considered to be useful to this project.)

This page is currently a stub, but will hopefully be expanded not too far in the future.

About the Coder

Input, feedback, and suggestions are welcome; you can reach me on Twitter or on GNUSocial or on GitHub, or find me elsewhere on the web. Anyone interested in collaborating should (preferably) make contact through GitHub.