Contact Information

Trying to reach me? You can find me at , send me an e-mail using this temporary address (please don't add it to your address book), or contact me via instant messaging.

I no longer maintain regular office hours on campus; if you need to reach me, please reach out electronically. If privacy is a concern, you may want to encrypt your message with PGP/GPG and my public key.

You can also reach me via instant messaging:

Elsewhere on the web

If you are interested in me as an academic, you may want to find me on:

If you are interested in my photography, you may want to find me on:

If we are personal friends, you may want to find me on:

Social media overload? I understand, and recommend that, if you're looking for just one or two places to connect, you choose my LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Google+ accounts. (Much of my online activity filters down to Twitter.)