Current Projects

I'm pretty busy working on a dissertation on literary representations of suicide in the twentieth century. I also work as a TA (and occasionally serving as instructor of record) in undergraduate English courses, You can find information for courses for which I am or have been a TA or teaching associate here. I also have several papers I'm preparing; you can see a bit about some of them on my CV. I will be teaching for the Writing Program at UCSB during the next academic year.

I am also one of the English Department's Co-Lead TAs for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 academic years (you may wish to take a look at a series of workshops I gave recently, and may wish to take a look at the current state of my plans for giving that seminar again during the current academic year) and am head steward for the UC Santa Barbara campus in UAW 2865, the union representing TAs and several other groups of academic workers at the University of California.

I have a variety of technical projects that I sometimes devote chunks of time to; I'd also love to get one or more like-minded people to assist me with and help motivate me to get back to work on The Greek Mythic Genealogy Project, and to work with me on generalizing methods for representing literary genealogies as data.

And, this website needs to be updated (incremental progress is being made). It needs a stylistic makeover, and much of the verbiage should be updated. Perhaps most notably, this very page needs to be updated; so do my CV, the personal information page, the site's home page, and a bunch of other stuff. A fair few files have been updated recently, but they've mostly been quick changes to HTML code that have been made across the site, rather than changes involving actual new writing.

Have I mentioned that I read a lot?