Course Materials for English 103B, Spring 2011:
British Literature, 1789 to 1900

Final Study Suggestions. Surprisingly similar to midterm study suggestions, but with information about the format of the final exam.

Notes on Shelley's Defence of Poetry. Brief and sketchy.

Midterm Study Suggestions. Information about the structure of the midterm and suggestions for preparing for it. Likely to be particularly helpful for those who have never before taken a midterm or final in an upper-division English course.

Paper-Marking Abbreviations. A list of abbreviations that I use in marking papers.

Grading Rubric. Explains my basis for assigning grades to papers.

Suggestions for Background Reading. A brief list of resources available for background reading on course texts.

Discussion Section Guidelines. Covers general guidelines for participating in discussion sections; explains basic expectations; explains basis for course grade.

Twitter Stream. Contains reminders about upcoming events, links to articles and other content about related topics, and pointers to electronic copies of documents distributed in section.