The Script is a small shell script (a quick and dirty hack, really) for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems that automates multiple topic modeling runs using the MALLET text-processing and machine-learning toolkit. You can download the script from its SourceForge project page. For more information, you should visit the project on SourceForge or skim through the the README file.

Developing this script further is not my immediate primary concern, but I'd be happy to hear if you find any problems or have any suggestions. Even more welcome would be offers of collaboration; anyone interested is welcome to contact me via the project's SourceForge project page. If you find it useful, I'd be grateful if you'd Flattr me.

This script and its source code are released under the GNU GPL, either version 3 or (at your option) any later version.

Copies of the following documentation files are retained here in addition to being available on the SourceForge project page:

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