The Make America Sad! Again Twitter Account

This script runs in the background on a spare laptop to manage the @false_trump Twitter account. The script reads Donald Trump's own tweets and trains a Markov chain-based text generator on them, then uses that text generator to generate new tweets that sound like Donald Trump's (at least in some ways. At least some of the time). Every fifteen minutes, the Unix cron program runs the script on one of my spare laptops, and it checks for @mentions and DMs using the Twitter API (and does a cursory job of dealing with them); once in a while, it tweets. Once in a while, it updates the list of authentic Donald Trump tweets that it's seen.

I realize this is a rather cursory explanation; if you'd like a longer one, you can see the write-ups for my similar Markov chain-based text-generation projects Irish Lit Tweets, The Worst of Bad Lovecraft, and/or Ulysses Redux, if you'd like. The basic methodology and ideas are similar, and those generators are—let's be honest—trained on richer, better-written, more interesting texts. You can also see the code that generates this content, if you'd like.