LaunchAnyFile 1.0

LaunchAnyFile 1.0 is a small utility program for classic versions of Mac OS (specifically, 7.0.x-9.x) that launches files for you.

It is no longer under active development, but I'd be happy to hear if you find any problems. If you find it useful, I'd be grateful if you'd Flattr me.

This program and its source code are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

You can download a disk image from SourceForge, or see the SourceForge project site to download the source code.

LaunchAnyFile was written in THINK Pascal 4.5d4. THINK Pascal was a wonderful programming environment for classic Mac OS, particularly because of its amazing debugger, and its discontinuation was a real shame. (Downloads are readily available on the Internet, including here and here.) I also happen to think that Apple's decision to abandon support for Pascal as a Mac OS programming language in the mid-1990s was a bad move, as have been many Apple decisions since that time (I also believe that Apple has also made some very good decisions since then).

Those who want to poke around in the LaunchAnyFile source code and/or to look at THINK Pascal may benefit from taking a look at Ingemar Ragnemalm's Guide to THINK Pascal 4.5. If you no longer have a computer capable of running classic Mac OS, you may find it helpful to run the Basilisk II or SheepShaver emulators, or to look at other options on E-Maculation.

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