Course Materials for LITCS 114, Winter 2016:
The Biopolitics of the Female Body in Twentieth-Century Literature

Course syllabus. Schedule and general guidelines for participating in the course.

Twitter stream for the course. Contains reminders about upcoming events, links to content about related topics, and pointers to electronic copies of documents distributed in class. Don't want to sign up for Twitter? You can always come back here and check for updates.

GauchoSpace login portal. Readings marked (GS) on the syllabus are available here.


Blogging Assignment

Blogging assignment write-up. A long-winded description of how you are expected to fulfill this part of the course requirements.

Student blogs:

Presentation Schedule

Presentation assignment write-up. An overview of how you are expected to fulfill this part of the course requirements.

Students who need to switch presentation dates should let me know at least a week in advance, unless the need for a switch is motivated by a sudden catastrophe. The current schedule is:

Discussion Notes

Whiteboard snapshots. I try to capture whatever gets written on the board at the end of the day. Alas, my phone is not much of a camera; and, alas, these are removed from the context of the conversations that generated them and therefore rather decontextualized.

My own notes: These are often rather cursory, and we often wind up talking about other things when we all get into the same room; I prefer to let you pursue your own literary, theoretical, and practical interests when possible. These notes are just what I've prepped ahead of time.

  1. Notes from class on 5 January
  2. Notes from class on 7 January
  3. Notes from class on 12 January
  4. Notes from class on 14 January
  5. Notes from class on 19 January
  6. Notes from class on 21 January
  7. Notes from class on 26 January
  8. Notes from class on 28 January
  9. Notes from class on 2 February
  10. Notes from class on 4 February
  11. Notes from class on 9 February
  12. Notes from class on 11 February
  13. Notes from class on 16 February
  14. Notes from class on 18 February
  15. Notes from class on 23 February
  16. Notes from class on 25 February
  17. Notes from class on 1 March
  18. Notes from class on 3 March
  19. Notes from class on 8 March
  20. Notes from class on 10 March

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