Sarah Palin Quote, or Random Algorithmic Gibberish?

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There's a 50% chance that Sarah Palin said the quote below, and a 50% chance it was generated by my Markov chain–based random text generator. Can you tell which it is?

The federal government was going to have more control over our states. They were going to disrespect the 10th Amendment of our Constitution by essentially bribing us with, "Take this federal money" (and then we're going to be able to mandate a few more things on you though.) I joined with other conservative governors around the nation in rejecting some of those dollars. Legislators—Turned out to be, though, nothing for applause because—nothing to applaud because—legislators then were threatening lawsuits if governors didn't take the money. And I vetoed some of the funds that—I knew we couldn't maintain the programs, that we were going to pay for it with these—these borrowed, printed up, invented dollars out of nowhere.

Who said it?

Sarah Palin
An algorithm